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CS/SB 7016: Health Care

GENERAL BILL by Fiscal Policy ; Health Policy

Health Care; Revising the purpose of the Dental Student Loan Repayment Program; requiring the Department of Health to implement the Dr. and Mrs. Alfonse and Kathleen Cinotti Health Care Screening and Services Grant Program for a specified purpose; providing requirements for birth centers designated as advanced birth centers with respect to operating procedures, staffing, and equipment; requiring advanced birth centers to enter into a written agreement with a blood bank for emergency blood bank services; authorizing certain psychiatric nurses to order emergency treatment of certain patients; creating the Training, Education, and Clinicals in Health (TEACH) Funding Program for a specified purpose; enacting the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact in this state, etc. APPROPRIATION: $717,105,294.00

Effective Date: March 21, 2024 except as otherwise provided

Last Action: 3/22/2024 - Chapter No. 2024-15

Bill Text [pdf]

Current Bill Version Posted: 02/22/2024 at 07:04 PM

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  • Citations - Statutes (70)

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    Citation and Catchline Location in Bill
    381.4018 Physician workforce assessment and development. Page 118 [pdf]
    381.4019 Dental Student Loan Repayment Program. Page 23 [pdf]
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    381.4021 Page 31 [pdf]
    381.9855 Page 32 [pdf]
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    383.3081 Page 43 [pdf]
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    383.3131 Page 46 [pdf]
    383.315 Agreements with consultants for advice or services; maintenance. Page 48 [pdf]
    383.316 Transfer and transport of clients to hospitals. Page 48 [pdf]
    383.318 Postpartum care for birth center clients and infants. Page 49 [pdf]
    394.455 Definitions. Page 50 [pdf]
    394.457 Operation and administration. Page 51 [pdf]
    394.4598 Guardian advocate. Page 52 [pdf]
    394.4615 Clinical records; confidentiality. Page 54 [pdf]
    394.4625 Voluntary admissions. Page 54 [pdf]
    394.463 Involuntary examination. Page 55 [pdf]
    394.4655 Involuntary outpatient services. Page 56 [pdf]
    394.467 Involuntary inpatient placement. Page 62 [pdf]
    394.4781 Residential care for psychotic and emotionally disturbed children. Page 63 [pdf]
    394.4785 Children and adolescents; admission and placement in mental facilities. Page 64 [pdf]
    394.875 Crisis stabilization units, residential treatment facilities, and residential treatment centers for children and adolescents; authorized services; license required. Page 65 [pdf]
    395.1055 Rules and enforcement. Page 65 [pdf]
    395.602 Rural hospitals. Page 119 [pdf]
    408.051 Florida Electronic Health Records Exchange Act. Page 68 [pdf]
    409.909 Statewide Medicaid Residency Program. Page 69 [pdf]
    409.91256 Page 75 [pdf]
    409.967 Managed care plan accountability. Page 80 [pdf]
    409.973 Benefits. Page 82 [pdf]
    456.073 Disciplinary proceedings. Page 212 [pdf]
    456.076 Impaired practitioner programs. Page 213 [pdf]
    456.4501 Page 121 [pdf]
    456.4502 Page 147 [pdf]
    456.4504 Page 148 [pdf]
    458.311 Licensure by examination; requirements; fees. Page 83 [pdf]
    458.3124 Restricted license; certain experienced foreign-trained physicians. Page 88 [pdf]
    458.3129 Page 148 [pdf]
    458.314 Certification of foreign educational institutions. Page 88 [pdf]
    458.3145 Medical faculty certificate. Page 89 [pdf]
    458.315 Temporary certificate for practice in areas of critical need. Page 91 [pdf]
    458.317 Limited licenses. Page 94 [pdf]
    459.0075 Limited licenses. Page 100 [pdf]
    459.0076 Temporary certificate for practice in areas of critical need. Page 106 [pdf]
    459.074 Page 149 [pdf]
    464.0121 Page 109 [pdf]
    464.0123 Autonomous practice by an advanced practice registered nurse. Page 112 [pdf]
    464.019 Approval of nursing education programs. Page 114 [pdf]
    468.1135 Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Page 179 [pdf]
    468.1185 Licensure. Page 179 [pdf]
    468.1295 Disciplinary proceedings. Page 180 [pdf]
    468.1335 Page 149 [pdf]
    486.023 Board of Physical Therapy Practice. Page 214 [pdf]
    486.025 Powers and duties of the Board of Physical Therapy Practice. Page 224 [pdf]
    486.028 License to practice physical therapy required. Page 215 [pdf]
    486.031 Physical therapist; licensing requirements. Page 215 [pdf]
    486.0715 Physical therapist; issuance of temporary permit. Page 224 [pdf]
    486.081 Physical therapist; issuance of license without examination to person passing examination of another authorized examining board; fee. Page 216 [pdf]
    486.102 Physical therapist assistant; licensing requirements. Page 217 [pdf]
    486.1065 Physical therapist assistant; issuance of temporary permit. Page 225 [pdf]
    486.107 Physical therapist assistant; issuance of license without examination to person licensed in another jurisdiction; fee. Page 219 [pdf]
    486.112 Page 185 [pdf]
    486.125 Refusal, revocation, or suspension of license; administrative fines and other disciplinary measures. Page 220 [pdf]
    766.1115 Health care providers; creation of agency relationship with governmental contractors. Page 116 [pdf]
    768.28 Waiver of sovereign immunity in tort actions; recovery limits; civil liability for damages caused during a riot; limitation on attorney fees; statute of limitations; exclusions; indemnification; risk management programs. Page 185 [pdf], Page 223 [pdf]
    1002.32 Developmental research (laboratory) schools. Page 117 [pdf]
    1009.65 Medical Education Reimbursement and Loan Repayment Program. Page 27 [pdf]
    1009.8962 Linking Industry to Nursing Education (LINE) Fund. Page 117 [pdf]
  • Bill History

    S = Senate, H = House

    Date Chamber Action
    12/4/2023 S • Submitted for consideration by Health Policy
    • On Committee agenda-- Health Policy, 12/12/23, 4:00 pm, 412 Knott Building
    12/12/2023 S • Submitted as Committee Bill and Reported Favorably by Health Policy; YEAS 9 NAYS 0
    12/13/2023 S • Filed
    12/14/2023 S • Referred to Fiscal Policy
    1/8/2024 S • On Committee agenda-- Fiscal Policy, 01/11/24, 10:00 am, 412 Knott Building
    1/9/2024 S • Introduced
    1/11/2024 S • CS by- Fiscal Policy; YEAS 18 NAYS 0
    1/16/2024 S • Pending reference review -under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee Substitute)
    • Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
    • Placed on Special Order Calendar, 01/18/24
    1/17/2024 S • CS by Fiscal Policy read 1st time
    1/18/2024 S • Read 2nd time -SJ 206
    • Amendment(s) adopted (344336, 542768, 644826, 746956, 796312, 912678) -SJ 209, 211
    • Read 3rd time -SJ 211
    • CS passed as amended; YEAS 39 NAYS 0 -SJ 211
    1/18/2024 S • Immediately certified -SJ 212
    1/18/2024 H • In Messages
    2/15/2024 H • Bill referred to House Calendar
    • Bill added to Special Order Calendar (2/21/2024)
    • 1st Reading (Engrossed 1)
    2/21/2024 H • Substituted for CS/CS/HB 1549
    • Read 2nd time
    • Placed on 3rd reading
    • Added to Third Reading Calendar
    2/22/2024 H • Read 3rd time
    • CS passed; YEAS 117, NAYS 1
    2/22/2024 S • Ordered enrolled
    3/12/2024 • Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
    3/21/2024 • Approved by Governor
    3/22/2024 • Chapter No. 2024-15
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