2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 32Management, control, operation, administration, and supervision.

1001.32 Management, control, operation, administration, and supervision.The district school system must be managed, controlled, operated, administered, and supervised as follows:
(1) DISTRICT SYSTEM.The district school system shall be considered as a part of the state system of public education. All actions of district school officials shall be consistent and in harmony with state laws and with rules and minimum standards of the state board. District school officials, however, shall have the authority to provide additional educational opportunities, as desired, which are authorized, but not required, by law or by the district school board.
(2) DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD.In accordance with the provisions of s. 4(b), Art. IX of the State Constitution, district school boards shall operate, control, and supervise all free public schools in their respective districts and may exercise any power except as expressly prohibited by the State Constitution or general law.
(3) DISTRICT SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT.Responsibility for the administration and management of the schools and for the supervision of instruction in the district shall be vested in the district school superintendent as the secretary and executive officer of the district school board, as provided by law.
(4) SCHOOL PRINCIPAL OR HEAD OF SCHOOL.Responsibility for the administration of any school or schools at a given school center, for the supervision of instruction therein, and for providing leadership in the development or revision and implementation of a school improvement plan required by s. 1001.42(18) shall be delegated to the school principal or head of the school or schools in accordance with rules established by the district school board.
History.s. 38, ch. 2002-387; s. 25, ch. 2004-41; s. 8, ch. 2008-108.

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