2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 04Levying of taxes.

1011.04 Levying of taxes.
(1) Upon receipt of the certificate of the property appraiser giving the assessed valuation of the county and of each of the special tax school districts pursuant to s. 200.065, the district school board shall determine by resolution the amounts necessary to be raised for current operating purposes and for each district bond interest and sinking fund and the millage necessary to be levied for each such fund, including the voted millage. A certified copy of the resolution shall thereupon be filed with the county property appraiser, and the district school board shall also order the property appraiser to assess the several millages certified by the school board against the appropriate taxable property in the school district.
(2) The property appraiser shall then assess the taxes as ordered by the district school board. Tax millages so assessed shall be clearly designated and separately identified as to source on the tax bill for other county taxes.
(3) The collector shall collect said taxes and pay over the same promptly as collected to the district school depository or depositories to be used as provided by law; provided, that all taxes authorized herein shall be assessed and collected on railroad, street railroad, sleeping car, parlor car, and telegraph company property in the manner now provided by law.
History.s. 607, ch. 2002-387.

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