2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 09Supervisor of elections.

145.09 Supervisor of elections.
(1) Each supervisor of elections shall receive as salary the amount indicated, based on the population of his or her county. In addition, a compensation shall be made for population increments over the minimum for each population group, which shall be determined by multiplying the population in excess of the minimum for the group times the group rate.
Pop. GroupCounty Pop. RangeBase SalaryGroup Rate
VI1,000,000 36,4750.00400
(2) The above salaries are based upon a 5-day workweek. If a supervisor does not keep his or her office open 5 days per week, then the salary will be prorated accordingly.
(3)(a) There shall be an additional $2,000 per year special qualification salary for each supervisor of elections who has met the certification requirements established by the Division of Elections of the Department of State. The Department of State shall adopt rules to establish the certification requirements. Any supervisor who is certified during a calendar year shall receive in that year a pro rata share of the special qualification salary based on the remaining period of the year.
(b) In order to qualify for the special qualification salary described in paragraph (a), the supervisor must complete the requirements established by the Division of Elections within 6 years after first taking office.
(c) After a supervisor meets the requirements of paragraph (a), in order to remain certified the supervisor shall thereafter be required to complete each year a course of continuing education as prescribed by the division.
(4) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section or s. 145.19, each supervisor of elections may reduce his or her salary rate on a voluntary basis.
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