2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 064Special District Accountability Program; duties and responsibilities.

189.064 Special District Accountability Program; duties and responsibilities.The Special District Accountability Program of the department has the following duties:
(1) Electronically publishing special district noncompliance status reports from the Department of Management Services, the Department of Financial Services, the Division of Bond Finance of the State Board of Administration, the Auditor General, and the Legislative Auditing Committee, for the reporting required in ss. 112.63, 218.32, 218.38, and 218.39. The noncompliance reports must list those special districts that did not comply with the statutory reporting requirements and be made available to the public electronically.
(2) Maintaining the official list of special districts as set forth in s. 189.061.
(3) Publishing and updating of a “Florida Special District Handbook” that contains, at a minimum:
(a) A section that specifies definitions of special districts and status distinctions in the statutes.
(b) A section or sections that specify current statutory provisions for special district creation, implementation, modification, dissolution, and operating procedures.
(c) A section that summarizes the reporting requirements applicable to all types of special districts as provided in ss. 189.015 and 189.016.
(d) A section that summarizes the public facilities reporting requirements and the evaluation and appraisal notification schedule as provided in s. 189.08(2).
(4) Coordinating and communicating among state agencies regarding special districts.
(5) Providing technical advisory assistance to special districts regarding the requirements specified in this chapter which may be performed by the department or by a qualified third-party vendor pursuant to a contract entered into in accordance with applicable bidding requirements.
(6) Providing assistance to local general-purpose governments and state agencies in collecting delinquent reports or information.
(7) Helping special districts comply with reporting requirements.
(8) Declaring special districts inactive when directed by the Legislative Auditing Committee or required by this chapter.
(9) Initiating enforcement proceedings as provided in ss. 189.062, 189.066, and 189.067.
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Note.Former s. 189.412.

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