2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 16Officer selling property.

206.16 Officer selling property.
(1) No sheriff, receiver, assignee, general or special magistrate, or other officer shall sell the property or franchise of any person for failure to pay fuel taxes, penalties, or interest without first filing with the department a statement containing the following information:
(a) The name of the plaintiff or party at whose instance or upon whose account the sale is made;
(b) The name of the person whose property or franchise is to be sold;
(c) The time and place of sale; and
(d) The nature of the property and the location of the same.
(2) The department, after receiving notice as aforesaid, shall furnish to the sheriff, receiver, trustee, assignee, general or special magistrate, or other officer having charge of the sale a certified copy or copies of all fuel taxes, penalties, and interest on file in the office of the department as liens against such person, and, in the event there are no such liens, a certificate showing that fact, which certified copies or copy of certificate shall be publicly read by such officer at and immediately before the sale of the property or franchise of such person.
History.s. 10, ch. 16082, 1933; CGL 1936 Supp. 1167(71); s. 7, ch. 63-253; s. 5, ch. 65-371; s. 2, ch. 65-420; ss. 21, 35, ch. 69-106; s. 1, ch. 70-995; s. 25, ch. 95-417; s. 73, ch. 2004-11.
Note.Former s. 207.19.

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