2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 45Payment of tax into State Treasury.

206.45 Payment of tax into State Treasury.
(1) All moneys collected pursuant to ss. 206.41(1)(a), (b), and (c) and 206.87(1)(a) shall be paid into the State Treasury by the department for deposit in the Fuel Tax Collection Trust Fund. The department shall deduct the costs of collecting, administering, enforcing, and distributing each fuel tax proportionally from the revenues that are derived from that tax and deposited into the fund. Of the total amount collected for each tax, the department may not deduct more than 2 percent for administration costs.
(2) The department shall maintain a balance of at least $50,000 within the fund after making the following transfers:
(a) The constitutional fuel tax shall be remitted to the State Board of Administration for distribution as provided in the State Constitution.
(b) The county fuel tax shall be distributed as provided in s. 206.60.
(c) The municipal fuel tax shall be distributed as provided in s. 206.605.
(3) This section does not authorize a deduction from the constitutional fuel tax in order to maintain any balance in the Fuel Tax Collection Trust Fund or for the cost of the department to administer this tax.
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Note.Former s. 208.08.

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