2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 0595Pollution response action contracts; department rules.

287.0595 Pollution response action contracts; department rules.
(1) The Department of Environmental Protection shall establish, by adopting administrative rules as provided in chapter 120:
(a) Procedures for determining the qualifications of responsible potential vendors prior to advertisement for and receipt of bids, proposals, or replies for pollution response action contracts, including procedures for the rejection of unqualified vendors. Response actions are those activities described in s. 376.301(39).
(b) Procedures for awarding such contracts to the lowest responsible and responsive vendor as well as procedures to be followed in cases in which the department declares a valid emergency to exist which would necessitate the waiver of the rules governing the awarding of such contracts to the lowest responsible and responsive vendor.
(c) Procedures governing payment of contracts.
(d) Procedures to govern negotiations for contracts, modifications to contract documents, and terms and conditions of contracts.
(2) In adopting rules under this section, the Department of Environmental Protection shall follow the criteria applicable to the department’s contracting to the maximum extent possible, consistent with the goals and purposes of ss. 376.307 and 376.3071.
(3) Any bid submitted under this section shall be confidential and exempt from the provisions of s. 119.07(1) until a selection is made and a contract signed or until bids are no longer under active consideration.
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