2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 1958Out-of-state vehicles bearing identification of issuance to persons who have disabilities.

316.1958 Out-of-state vehicles bearing identification of issuance to persons who have disabilities.Motor vehicles displaying a special license plate or parking permit issued to a person who has a disability by any other state or district subject to the laws of the United States or by a foreign country that issues disabled parking permits that display the international symbol of accessibility are recognized as displaying a valid license plate or permit, that allows such a vehicle special parking privileges under s. 316.1955, if the other state or district grants reciprocal recognition for residents of this state who have disabilities. However, when an individual is required by law to have a Florida driver license or a Florida vehicle registration, a special motor vehicle license plate or parking permit issued by another state, district, or country to persons who have disabilities is not valid and the individual whose vehicle displays such an invalid plate or permit is subject to the same penalty as an individual whose vehicle does not display a valid plate or permit. A law enforcement officer or parking enforcement specialist may not ticket a vehicle for a violation of s. 316.1955 without first determining whether the vehicle is transporting a resident of another state who is the owner of the out-of-state placard.
History.s. 5, ch. 85-227; s. 26, ch. 90-330; s. 4, ch. 96-200; s. 2, ch. 98-202; s. 2, ch. 99-248.

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