2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 6035Transition plan.

39.6035 Transition plan.
(1) During the year after a child reaches 16 years of age, the department and the community-based care lead agency, in collaboration with the caregiver and any other individual whom the child would like to include, shall assist the child in developing a transition plan. The required transition plan is in addition to standard case management requirements. The transition plan must address specific options for the child to use in obtaining services, including housing, health insurance, education, financial literacy, a driver license, and workforce support and employment services. The plan must also include tasks to establish and maintain naturally occurring mentoring relationships and other personal support services. The transition plan may be as detailed as the child chooses. This plan must be updated as needed before the child reaches 18 years of age and after the child reaches 18 years of age if he or she is receiving funding under s. 409.1451(2). In developing and updating the transition plan, the department and the community-based care lead agency shall:
(a) Provide the child with the documentation required under s. 39.701(3).
(b) Coordinate the transition plan with the independent living provisions in the case plan and, for a child with disabilities, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act transition plan.
(c) Provide information for the financial literacy curriculum for youth offered by the Department of Financial Services.
(d) Provide information about independent living services and programs which is tailored to the individual needs and plans of the child, including, at a minimum, the specific benefits of each program and how such benefits meet the needs and plans of the child, the advantages and disadvantages of participation in each program considering the needs and plans of the child, and the financial value of each program to the child. The community-based care lead agency shall discuss this information with the child, and the child must sign a document indicating that he or she:
1. Received such information.
2. Discussed such information with the community-based care lead agency representative.
3. Understands how such services and benefits would meet his or her individual needs.
4. Understands how such services would assist him or her in accomplishing future plans.
(2) The department and the child shall schedule a time, date, and place for a meeting to assist the child in drafting the transition plan. The time, date, and place must be convenient for the child and any individual whom the child would like to include. This meeting must be conducted in the child’s primary language.
(3) The transition plan shall be reviewed periodically with the child, the department, and other individuals of the child’s choice and updated when necessary before each judicial review so long as the child or young adult remains in care.
(4) The transition plan must be approved by the court before the child’s 18th birthday and must be attached to the case plan and updated before each judicial review.
(5) The department or community-based care lead agency shall continue to periodically meet with a young adult to review and, if necessary, update the transition plan beyond his or her 18th birthday if the young adult receives funding under s. 409.1451(2).
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