2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 31Inspection and examination.

401.31 Inspection and examination.
(1) In order to carry out the requirements of this part, the department shall periodically and randomly inspect licensees for compliance with the requirements of this part and departmental rules. The department shall conduct inspections without impeding patient care.
(2) The department shall, in the course of the inspections provided for in subsection (1), determine the continuing compliance of each business, service, ambulance, and piece of vehicle equipment and all personnel with the requirements of this part, the rules of the department, and the applicable vehicle safety requirements of chapter 316 relating to:
(a) Exhaust system;
(b) Exterior lights; headlights, high and low beam; turn signals; brake lights; taillights; and red emergency lights;
(c) Horn;
(d) Windshield and windshield wipers;
(e) Mirrors;
(f) Tires; and
(g) Siren.
(3) The refusal of a licensee to allow an inspection is a ground for revocation of the licensee’s license.
(4) Upon completion of an inspection, the department may request an inspection corrective action statement from a licensee stating that any violation found during the inspection has been corrected. The department shall adopt, by rule, procedures which provide for categories of violations, the type of violations in each category, the time for correcting violations in each category, and the time for returning the inspection corrective action statement to the department. Failure of a licensee to submit the inspection corrective action statement within the required time is a ground for discipline under s. 401.411.
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