2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 5064Application; schedules.

403.5064 Application; schedules.
(1) The formal date of filing of a certification application and commencement of the certification review process shall be when the applicant submits:
(a) Copies of the certification application in a quantity and format as prescribed by rule to the department and other agencies identified in s. 403.507(2)(a).
(b) A statement affirming that the applicant is opting to allow consideration of alternate corridors for an associated transmission line corridor. If alternate corridors are allowed, at the applicant’s option, the portion of the application addressing associated transmission line corridors shall be processed under the schedule set forth in ss. 403.521-403.526, 403.527(4), and 403.5271, including the opportunity for the filing of alternate corridors by third parties; however, if such alternate corridors are filed, the certification hearing shall not be rescheduled as allowed by s. 403.5271(1)(b).
(c) The application fee specified under s. 403.518 to the department.
(2) Within 7 days after the filing of an application, the department shall provide to the applicant and the Division of Administrative Hearings the names and addresses of any additional agencies or persons entitled to notice and copies of the application and any amendments. Copies of the application shall be distributed within 5 days by the applicant to these additional agencies. This distribution shall not be a basis for altering the schedule of dates for the certification process.
(3) Any amendment to the application made prior to certification shall be disposed of as part of the original certification proceeding. Amendment of the application may be considered good cause for alteration of time limits pursuant to s. 403.5095.
(4) Within 7 days after the filing of an application, the department shall prepare a proposed schedule of dates for determination of completeness, submission of statements of issues, submittal of final reports, and other significant dates to be followed during the certification process, including dates for filing notices of appearance to be a party pursuant to s. 403.508(3). If the application includes one or more associated transmission line corridors, at the request of the applicant filed concurrently with the application, the department shall use the application processing schedule set forth in ss. 403.521-403.526, 403.527(4), and 403.5271 for the associated transmission line corridors, including the opportunity for the filing and review of alternate corridors, if a party proposes alternate transmission line corridor routes for consideration no later than 165 days before the scheduled certification hearing. Notwithstanding an applicant’s option for the transmission line corridor portion of its application to be processed under the proposed schedule, only one certification hearing shall be held for the entire plant in accordance with s. 403.508(2). The proposed schedule shall be timely provided by the department to the applicant, the administrative law judge, all agencies identified pursuant to subsection (2), and all parties. Within 7 days after the filing of the proposed schedule, the administrative law judge shall issue an order establishing a schedule for the matters addressed in the department’s proposed schedule and other appropriate matters, if any.
(5) Copies of changes and amendments to the application shall be timely distributed by the applicant to all agencies and parties who have received a copy of the application.
(6) Notice of the filing of the application shall be published in accordance with the requirements of s. 403.5115.
History.s. 6, ch. 90-331; s. 135, ch. 96-410; s. 24, ch. 2006-230; s. 70, ch. 2008-227.

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