2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 885Water Projects Grant Program.

403.885 Water Projects Grant Program.
(1) The Department of Environmental Protection shall administer a grant program to use funds appropriated by the Legislature for water quality improvement, stormwater management, wastewater management, and water restoration and other water projects as specifically appropriated by the Legislature. Eligible recipients of such grants include counties, municipalities, water management districts, and special districts that have legal responsibilities for water quality improvement, water management, stormwater management, wastewater management, lake and river water restoration projects, and drinking water projects pursuant to this section.
(2) The grant program shall provide for the evaluation of annual grant proposals. The department shall evaluate such proposals to determine if they:
(a) Protect public health or the environment.
(b) Implement plans developed pursuant to the Surface Water Improvement and Management Act created in part IV of chapter 373, other water restoration plans required by law, management plans prepared pursuant to s. 403.067, or other plans adopted by local government for water quality improvement and water restoration.
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