2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 91195Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee.

409.91195 Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee.There is created a Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee within the agency for the purpose of developing a Medicaid preferred drug list.
(1) The committee shall be composed of 11 members appointed by the Governor. Four members shall be physicians, licensed under chapter 458; one member licensed under chapter 459; five members shall be pharmacists licensed under chapter 465; and one member shall be a consumer representative. The members shall be appointed to serve for terms of 2 years from the date of their appointment. Members may be appointed to more than one term. The agency shall serve as staff for the committee and assist them with all ministerial duties. The Governor shall ensure that at least some of the members of the committee represent Medicaid participating physicians and pharmacies serving all segments and diversity of the Medicaid population, and have experience in either developing or practicing under a preferred drug list. At least one of the members shall represent the interests of pharmaceutical manufacturers.
(2) Committee members shall select a chairperson and a vice chairperson each year from the committee membership.
(3) The committee shall meet at least quarterly and may meet at other times at the discretion of the chairperson and members. The committee shall comply with rules adopted by the agency, including notice of any meeting of the committee pursuant to the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act.
(4) Upon recommendation of the committee, the agency shall adopt a preferred drug list as described in s. 409.912(5). To the extent feasible, the committee shall review all drug classes included on the preferred drug list every 12 months, and may recommend additions to and deletions from the preferred drug list, such that the preferred drug list provides for medically appropriate drug therapies for Medicaid patients which achieve cost savings contained in the General Appropriations Act.
(5) Except for antiretroviral drugs, reimbursement of drugs not included on the preferred drug list is subject to prior authorization.
(6) The agency shall publish and disseminate the preferred drug list to all Medicaid providers in the state by Internet posting on the agency’s website or in other media.
(7) The committee shall ensure that interested parties, including pharmaceutical manufacturers agreeing to provide a supplemental rebate as outlined in this chapter, have an opportunity to present public testimony to the committee with information or evidence supporting inclusion of a product on the preferred drug list. Such public testimony shall occur prior to any recommendations made by the committee for inclusion or exclusion from the preferred drug list. Upon timely notice, the agency shall ensure that any drug that has been approved or had any of its particular uses approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration under a priority review classification will be reviewed by the committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting following 3 months of distribution of the drug to the general public.
(8) The committee shall develop its preferred drug list recommendations by considering the clinical efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness of a product.
(9) The Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee may also make recommendations to the agency regarding the prior authorization of any prescribed drug covered by Medicaid.
(10) Medicaid recipients may appeal agency preferred drug formulary decisions using the Medicaid fair hearing process administered by the Agency for Health Care Administration.
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