2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 006Licensure by examination.

461.006 Licensure by examination.
(1) Any person desiring to be licensed as a podiatric physician shall apply to the department to take the licensure examination. The department shall examine each applicant who the board certifies:
(a) Has completed the application form and remitted a nonrefundable application fee set by the board not to exceed $100 and an examination fee set by the board not to exceed $350.
(b) Is at least 18 years of age.
(c) Has received a degree from a school or college of podiatric medicine or chiropody recognized and approved by the Council on Podiatry Education of the American Podiatric Medical Association. For applicants who matriculated prior to 1953, the course of study shall have been at least 3 years. For applicants who matriculated during or subsequent to 1953, the course of study shall be at least 4 years or the total hourly equivalent of a 4-year course of study.
(d) Has satisfactorily completed one of the following clinical experience requirements:
1. One year of residency in a residency program approved by the board, and if it has been 4 or more years since the completion of that residency, active licensed practice of podiatric medicine in another jurisdiction for at least 2 of the immediately preceding 4 years, or successful completion of a board-approved postgraduate program or board-approved course within the year preceding the filing of the application. For the purpose of this subparagraph, “active licensed practice” means the licensed practice of podiatric medicine as defined in s. 461.003(5) by podiatric physicians, including podiatric physicians employed by any governmental entity, on the active teaching faculty of an accredited school of podiatric medicine, or practicing administrative podiatric medicine.
2. Ten years of continuous, active licensed practice of podiatric medicine in another state immediately preceding the submission of the application and completion of at least the same continuing educational requirements during those 10 years as are required of podiatric physicians licensed in this state.
(e) Has submitted to the department a set of fingerprints on a form and under procedures specified by the department, along with payment in an amount equal to the costs incurred by the Department of Health for the criminal background check of the applicant.
(2)(a) The department shall issue a license to practice podiatric medicine to any applicant who successfully completes the examination in accordance with this section.
(b) If an applicant fails to pass the examination in three attempts, she or he shall not be eligible for reexamination unless she or he completes additional educational requirements or training requirements prescribed by the board. An applicant who has completed the additional educational or training requirements prescribed by the board may take the examination on two more occasions. If the applicant has failed to pass the examination after five attempts, she or he is no longer eligible to take the examination.
(c) The department shall not issue a license to any applicant who is under investigation by any governmental entity for an offense which would constitute a violation of this act. Upon the completion of the investigation, the provisions of s. 461.013 shall apply.
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