2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 212Application.

501.212 Application.This part does not apply to:
(1) An act or practice required or specifically permitted by federal or state law.
(2) Except as provided in s. 501.2041, a publisher, broadcaster, printer, or other person engaged in the dissemination of information or the reproduction of printed or pictorial matter, insofar as the information or matter has been disseminated or reproduced on behalf of others without actual knowledge that it violated this part.
(3) A claim for personal injury or death or a claim for damage to property other than the property that is the subject of the consumer transaction.
(4) Any person or activity regulated under laws administered by:
(a) The Office of Insurance Regulation of the Financial Services Commission;
(b) Banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations regulated by the Office of Financial Regulation of the Financial Services Commission;
(c) Banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations regulated by federal agencies; or
(d) Any person or activity regulated under the laws administered by the former Department of Insurance which are now administered by the Department of Financial Services.
(5) Any activity regulated under laws administered by the Florida Public Service Commission.
(6) An act or practice involving the sale, lease, rental, or appraisal of real estate by a person licensed, certified, or registered pursuant to chapter 475, which act or practice violates s. 475.42 or s. 475.626.
(7)(a) Causes of action pertaining to commercial real property located in this state if the parties to the action executed a written lease or contract that expressly provides for the process of resolution of any dispute and the award of damages, attorney’s fees, and costs, if any; or
(b) Causes of action concerning failure to maintain real property if the Florida Statutes:
1. Require the owner to comply with applicable building, housing, and health codes;
2. Require the owner to maintain buildings and improvements in common areas in a good state of repair and maintenance and maintain the common areas in a good state of appearance, safety, and cleanliness; and
3. Provide a cause of action for failure to maintain the real property and provide legal or equitable remedies, including the award of attorney’s fees.

However, this subsection does not affect any action or remedy concerning residential tenancies covered under part II of chapter 83, nor does it prohibit the enforcing authority from maintaining exclusive jurisdiction to bring any cause of action authorized under this part.

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