2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 36Definitions.

553.36 Definitions.The definitions contained in this section govern the construction of this part unless the context otherwise requires.
(1) “Approved” means conforming to the requirements of the Florida Building Code.
(2) “Approved inspection agency” means an organization determined by the department to be especially qualified by reason of facilities, personnel, experience, and demonstrated reliability to investigate, test, and evaluate manufactured building units or systems or the component parts thereof, together with the plans, specifications, and quality control procedures to ensure that such units, systems, or component parts are in full compliance with the Florida Building Code and to label such units complying with those standards.
(3) “Closed construction” means that condition when any building, component, assembly, subassembly, or system is manufactured in such a manner that all portions cannot be readily inspected at the installation site without disassembly or destruction thereof.
(4) “Open construction” means any building, building component, assembly, or system manufactured in such a manner that all portions can be readily inspected at the building site without disassembly thereof, damage thereto, or destruction thereof.
(5) “Columbarium” means a permanent structure consisting of niches.
(6) “Component” means any assembly, subassembly, or combination of parts for use as a part of a building, which may include structural, electrical, mechanical, and fire protection systems and other systems affecting health and safety. Components that incorporate elements of a building subject to the product approval system adopted under s. 553.842 are subject to approval in accordance with the product approval system upon implementation thereof and are not subject to the rules adopted under this part. Components to which the rules adopted under this part apply are limited to three-dimensional systems for use as part of a building.
(7) “Department” means the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
(8) “Factory-built school shelter” means any site-assembled or factory-built school building that is designed to be portable, relocatable, demountable, or reconstructible and that complies with the provisions for enhanced hurricane protection areas, as required by the applicable code.
(9) “Insignia” means an approved device or seal issued by the department to indicate compliance with the standards and rules established pursuant to this part.
(10) “Install” means the assembly of a manufactured building component or system on site and the process of affixing a manufactured building component or system to land, a foundation, or an existing building, and service connections which are a part thereof.
(11) “Local government” means any municipality, county, district, or combination thereof comprising a governmental unit.
(12) “Manufacture” means the process of making, fabricating, constructing, forming, or assembling a product from raw, unfinished, semifinished, or finished materials.
(13) “Manufactured building”, “modular building,” or “factory-built building” means a closed structure, building assembly, or system of subassemblies, which may include structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilating, or other service systems manufactured in manufacturing facilities for installation or erection as a finished building or as part of a finished building, which shall include, but not be limited to, residential, commercial, institutional, storage, and industrial structures. The term includes buildings not intended for human habitation such as lawn storage buildings and storage sheds manufactured and assembled offsite by a manufacturer certified in conformance with this part. This part does not apply to mobile homes.
(14) “Mobile home” means any residential unit constructed to standards promulgated by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.
(15) “Module” means a separately transported three-dimensional component of a manufactured building which contains all or a portion of structural systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, mechanical systems, fire systems, and thermal systems.
(16) “Private mausoleum” means a structure intended for the private use of a family or group of family members.
(17) “Site” is the location on which a manufactured building is installed or is to be installed.
(18) “System” means structural, plumbing, mechanical, heating, electrical, or ventilating elements, materials, or components combined for use in a building.
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