2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 9221Motor Vehicle Repair Advisory Council.

559.9221 Motor Vehicle Repair Advisory Council.The Motor Vehicle Repair Advisory Council is created to advise and assist the department in carrying out this part.
(1) The membership of the council may not exceed nine members appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture.
(a) Six industry members of the council must be chosen from individuals already engaged in the motor vehicle repair business who are eligible to be registered under this part. The professional members of this council must be licensed under this part. The commissioner shall select one industry member from each of the following categories:
1. Independent automotive mechanics shops.
2. Franchise or company-owned automotive mechanics shops.
3. Automotive collision shops.
4. Tire dealer.
5. Independent motor vehicle dealer licensed under s. 320.27.
6. Franchise motor vehicle dealer licensed under s. 320.27.
(b) One member of the council may be chosen from persons already engaged in motor vehicle repair service.
(c) Two consumer members of the council must be residents of this state and must not be connected with the motor vehicle repair business.
(d) As terms of the members expire, the commissioner shall appoint successors for terms of 4 years. Members shall serve from the time of their appointment until their successors are appointed.
(2)(a) The council shall annually elect from its members a chair and a vice chair.
(b) The council shall meet at the call of its chair, at the request of a majority of its membership, or at the request of the department.
(c) In conducting its meetings, the council shall use accepted rules of procedure. The department shall keep a complete record of each meeting, which must show the names of members present and the actions taken. These records and other documents about matters within the jurisdiction of the council must be kept on file with the department.
(3) The members of the council shall receive no compensation for their services.
(4) The department shall be responsible for providing administrative and staff support services relating to the functions of the council.
(5) The council shall review the rules relating to the Florida Motor Vehicle Repair Act which are adopted by the department and shall advise the department on matters relating to educational grants, advancements in industry standards and practices, and other issues that require technical expertise and consultation or that promote better consumer protection in the motor vehicle repair industry.
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