2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 0707Articles of dissolution; filing of articles of dissolution.

605.0707 Articles of dissolution; filing of articles of dissolution.
(1) Upon the occurrence of an event described in s. 605.0701(1)-(3), the limited liability company shall deliver for filing articles of dissolution as provided in this section.
(2) The articles of dissolution must state the following:
(a) The name of the limited liability company.
(b) The delayed effective date of the limited liability company’s dissolution if the dissolution is not to be effective on the date the articles of dissolution are filed by the department.
(c) The occurrence that resulted in the limited liability company’s dissolution.
(d) If there are no members, the name, address, and signature of the person appointed in accordance with this subsection to wind up the company.
(3) The articles of dissolution of the limited liability company shall be delivered to the department. If the department finds that the articles of dissolution conform to law, it shall, when all fees have been paid as prescribed in this chapter, file the articles of dissolution and issue a certificate of dissolution.
(4) Upon the filing of the articles of dissolution, the limited liability company shall cease conducting its business and shall continue solely for the purpose of winding up its affairs in accordance with s. 605.0709, except for the purpose of lawsuits, other proceedings, and appropriate action as provided in this chapter.
History.s. 2, ch. 2013-180.

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