2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 1509Resignation of registered agent of foreign corporation.

607.1509 Resignation of registered agent of foreign corporation.
(1) A registered agent may resign as agent for a foreign corporation by delivering to the department for filing a signed statement of resignation containing the name of the foreign corporation.
(2) After delivering the statement of resignation to the department for filing, the registered agent must promptly mail a copy to the foreign corporation at its current mailing address.
(3) A registered agent is terminated upon the earlier of:
(a) The 31st day after the department files the statement of resignation; or
(b) When a statement of change or other record designating a new registered agent is filed with the department.
(4) When a statement of resignation takes effect, the registered agent ceases to have responsibility for a matter thereafter tendered to it as agent for the foreign corporation. The resignation does not affect contractual rights that the foreign corporation has against the agent or that the agent has against the foreign corporation.
(5) A registered agent may resign from a foreign corporation regardless of whether the foreign corporation has active status.
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