2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 81Notice to comply with written requirements of office; noncompliance.

624.81 Notice to comply with written requirements of office; noncompliance.
(1) If the office determines that the conditions set forth in subsection (2) exist, the office shall issue an order placing the insurer in administrative supervision, setting forth the reasons giving rise to the determination, and specifying that the office is applying and effectuating the provisions of this part. An order issued by the office pursuant to this subsection entitles the insurer to request a proceeding under ss. 120.569 and 120.57, and such a request shall stay the action pending such proceeding.
(2) An insurer shall be subject to administrative supervision by the office if upon examination or at any other time the office determines that:
(a) The insurer is in unsound condition;
(b) The insurer’s methods or practices render the continuance of its business hazardous to the public or to its insureds; or
(c) The insurer has exceeded its powers granted under its certificate of authority and applicable law.
(3) Within 15 days of receipt of notice of the office’s determination to proceed under this part, an insurer shall submit to the office a plan to correct the conditions set forth in the notice. For good cause shown, the office may extend the 15-day time period for submission of the plan. If the office and the insurer agree on a corrective plan, a written agreement shall be entered into to carry out the plan.
(4) If an insurer fails to timely submit a plan, the office may specify the requirements of a plan to address the conditions giving rise to imposition of administrative supervision under this part. In addition, failure of the insurer to timely submit a plan is a violation of the provisions of this code punishable in accordance with s. 624.418.
(5) The plan shall address, but shall not be limited to, each of the activities of the insurer’s business which are set forth in s. 624.83.
(6) Any insurer subject to administrative supervision is expected to avail itself of all reasonably available reinsurance. Reasonably available reinsurance shall include unrealized reinsurance, which is defined as reinsurance recoverable on known losses incurred and due under valid reinsurance contracts that have not been identified in the normal course of business and have not been reported in financial statements filed with the Office of Insurance Regulation. Within 90 days of being placed under administrative supervision, the insurer shall certify to the Director of the Office of Insurance Regulation that the insurer has engaged an independent third party to search for unrealized reinsurance, and that the insurer has made all relevant books and records available to the third party. The compensation to the third party may be a percentage of unrealized reinsurance identified and collected.
(7) If the office and the insurer are unable to agree on the provisions of the plan, the office may require the insurer to take such corrective action as may be reasonably necessary to remove the causes and conditions giving rise to the need for administrative supervision.
(8) The insurer shall have 60 days, or a longer period of time as designated by the office but not to exceed 120 days, after the date of the written agreement or the receipt of the office’s plan within which to comply with the requirements of the office. At the conclusion of the initial period of supervision, the office may extend the supervision in increments of 60 days or longer, not to exceed 120 days, if conditions justifying supervision exist. Each extension of supervision shall provide the insurer with a point of entry pursuant to chapter 120.
(9) The initiation or pendency of administrative proceedings arising from actions taken under this section shall not preclude the office from initiating judicial proceedings to place an insurer in conservation, rehabilitation, or liquidation or initiating other delinquency proceedings however designated under the laws of this state.
(10) If it is determined that the conditions giving rise to administrative supervision have been remedied so that the continuance of its business is no longer hazardous to the public or to its insureds, the office shall release the insurer from supervision.
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