2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 9892Anti-Fraud Reward Program; reporting of insurance fraud.

626.9892 Anti-Fraud Reward Program; reporting of insurance fraud.
(1) The Anti-Fraud Reward Program is hereby established within the department, to be funded from the Insurance Regulatory Trust Fund.
(2) The department may pay rewards of up to $25,000 to persons providing information leading to the arrest of persons committing crimes investigated by the department arising from violations of s. 400.9935, s. 440.105, s. 624.15, s. 626.112, s. 626.8473, s. 626.8738, s. 626.9541, s. 626.989, s. 790.164, s. 790.165, s. 790.166, s. 806.01, s. 806.031, s. 806.10, s. 806.111, s. 812.014, s. 817.034, s. 817.233, s. 817.234, s. 817.236, s. 817.2361, s. 817.505, s. 817.568, s. 831.01, s. 895.03, s. 895.04, or s. 896.101.
(3) Only a single reward amount may be paid by the department for claims arising out of the same transaction or occurrence, regardless of the number of persons arrested and convicted and the number of persons submitting claims for the reward. The reward may be disbursed among more than one person in amounts determined by the department.
(4) The department shall adopt rules which set forth the application and approval process, including the criteria against which claims shall be evaluated, the basis for determining specific reward amounts, and the manner in which rewards shall be disbursed. Applications for rewards authorized by this section must be made pursuant to rules established by the department.
(5) Determinations by the department to grant or deny a reward under this section shall not be considered agency action subject to review under s. 120.569 or s. 120.57.
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