2023 Florida Statutes

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SECTION 04Complaint.

75.04 Complaint.
(1) The complaint shall set out the plaintiff’s authority for incurring the bonded debt or issuing certificates of debt, the holding of an election and the result when an election is required, the ordinance, resolution, or other proceeding authorizing the issue and its adoption, all other essential proceedings had or taken in connection therewith, the amount of the bonds or certificates to be issued and the interest they are to bear; and, in case of a drainage, conservation, or reclamation district, the authority for the creation of such district, for the issuance of bonds, for the levy and assessment of taxes and all other pertinent matters.
(2) In the case of an independent special district as defined in s. 218.31(7), the complaint shall allege the creation of a trust indenture established by the petitioner for a bonded trustee acceptable to the court who shall certify the proper expenditure of the proceeds of the bonds.
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