2023 Florida Statutes

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Chapter 921 SENTENCE
SECTION 188Placement of certain state inmates in local detention facilities.

921.188 Placement of certain state inmates in local detention facilities.Effective June 17, 1993, notwithstanding the provisions of ss. 775.08, former 921.001, 921.002, 921.187, 944.02, and 951.23, or any other law to the contrary, a person whose presumptive sentence is 1 year and 1 day up to 22 months in a state correctional institution may be placed by the court into the custody of a local detention facility as a condition of probation or community control for a felony offense contained in sentencing guidelines categories five through nine contained in Rules 3.701 and 3.988, Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, or similar levels described in s. 921.0022, except for such person whose total sentence points are greater than 52 or less than 40. The court may place such person for the duration of the presumptive sentence. The court may only place a person in a local detention facility pursuant to this section if there is a contractual agreement between the chief correctional officer of that county and the Department of Corrections. The contract may include all operational functions, or only housing wherein the department would provide staffing and medical costs. The agreement must provide for a per diem or partial per diem reimbursement for each person placed under this section, which is payable by the Department of Corrections for the duration of the offender’s placement in the facility. The full per diem reimbursement may not exceed the per diem published in the Department of Corrections’ most recent annual report for total department facilities. This section does not limit the court’s ability to place a person in a local detention facility for less than 1 year.
History.s. 36, ch. 93-406; s. 3, ch. 93-417; s. 1, ch. 94-214; s. 26, ch. 97-194.

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