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205.1975 Household moving services; consumer protection.
205.1973 Telemarketing businesses; consumer protection.
205.1971 Sellers of travel; consumer protection.
205.1969 Health studios; consumer protection.
205.1967 Prerequisite for issuance of pest control business tax receipt.
205.1965 Assisted living facilities.
205.196 Pharmacies and pharmacists.
205.194 Prohibition of local business tax receipt without exhibition of state license or registration.
205.193 Mobile home setup operations; local business tax receipt prohibited; exception.
205.192 Charitable, etc., organizations; occasional sales, fundraising; exemption.
205.191 Religious tenets; exemption.
205.162 Exemption allowed certain disabled persons, the aged, and widows with minor dependents.
205.067 Exemptions; broker associates and sales associates.
205.066 Exemptions; employees.
205.065 Exemption; nonresident persons regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
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